Worklife balance: Thrive EAP solutions to balance employees life!
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How to have good work/life balance!

Balancing both work and day-to-day life with a growing family can be tricky! We at Thrive EAP wanted to provide you with some ways to make it a little easier on you and your employees. Here are all of the things we have to offer to make worklife balance a little easier. Our employee assistance program provides your employees with all of the resources they need to do life well.

Resources to balance worklife


-Family and Caregiving

We offer many different resources to help your employees take care of their growing families! This way they can focus at work and at home. We offer resources for the following:

  • Special needs car, childcare and day care, after-school programs, education tutors, summer camps, in-home care, senior housing, meal programs and transportation services, and hospice and rehab centers.



We give education resources to help employees who are continuing their education and more! These resources include:

  • Tutors and test prep; public and private specialty schools; colleges; universities; continuing education; financial and scholarships; and lastly, internships.


-Career and Work

To manage worklife balance, prioritizing things at work is top priority. Here are some resources we provide:

  • Resume writing and editing services, job placement resources, career counseling, and community resources


-Daily Living

Our everyday lives can affect work ethic, so we have given you these resources to help with worklife balance:

  • Household maintenance, pet care, dining and entertainment, gifts and shopping, moving and relocation, transportation, and meals and groceries.


These four categories cover all the worklife areas that you need balanced and to keep your employees taken care of. We provide your employees with these things so you, as an employer, don’t have to! This is a great solution to redirect employees here if they bring up any work/life balance needs. We help them find resolutions to problems of everyday life so they can work well and not be distracted. This will help them stay happy, healthy, and productive.

-Why Thrive EAP?

Why choose our specific EAP program for worklife balance for your employees? What makes our services so special is that Thrive is created for businesses with 2-40 employees! We are the perfect EAP service for any small business! We offer services in not just worklife, but also in legal help, financial, and well-being.

Our prices are affordable and grow with your team! So to learn more about how you can use our EAP service and what the prices look like, click here!

Still wondering what an EAP is? Don’t worry, click here, to read more about what an employee assistance program does for your employees!