Working parents: How to help your employee with work/life balance?
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working parents

Work/life balance for working parents!

How can you help your employees who are working parents this year? Workplace policies and requirements can have a big impact on your employees’ work/life balance, especially for working parents. Employers must be aware of this with their employees and consider making adjustments. Making sure your employees and their families are cared for should be a top priority. Here are some things to consider doing to help employees who are also working parents!

  1. Flexible hours for working parents

It can be a juggling act to take care of a family and work full-time! If you have an employee who has been working with you for a good amount of time, allow some flexibility to their schedule. This will not only benefit them and their family, but it can lead to better work productivity. Stress is proven to lower employee productivity, so sometimes less hours is more! Also consider giving them a part-time position if they need it for a season.

  1. Child care support

For working parents, childcare costs can be pricey! Consider creating a plan where childcare costs are covered in some way. This is specifically important for those young moms and dads who have younger children who are not in school yet. Costs can also get really high if they have multiple children. So any help will show your appreciation for working parents! It’s hard work that we all can relate to!

  1. Encourage well-being

Motivate your team with ways to take care of themselves physically and emotionally in the workplace. Offer things like gym memberships, healthy lunch options, and breaks! Do outside team activities in the summertime to promote good health and overall well-being. It’s important that your staff knows how to take care of themselves and that it greatly affects the way they work. Encouraging well-being will help working parents not only take care of their family well but also themselves!

  1. Get feedback

Feedback from your employees is the most important step! Surveys are a great resource to use to get feedback from working parents in your company! They provide valuable information for you as an employer about what they need for a good work/life balance! Knowing that, as a company, you care for your employees is something that will build trust between you and your employees.

  1. Get THRIVE EAP!

Our employee assistance program (EAP) at Thrive is here for you and your small business’ employees! We take care of concerns that working parents have and give them resources to help. Our role is to take on all your employees’ personal issues, so you don’t have to as an employer. We have professionally trained counselors who can talk through things with employees, so they can have a healthy work/life balance.

If you would like to learn more about Thrive EAP, visit our “Company” tab above! We have created an affordable and effective product that you will love and appreciate. Get a productive and healthy team that creates a better work environment year round!