Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce EAP

An EAP is a voluntary, confidential program that helps employees (including management) work through various life challenges that may adversely affect job performance, health, and personal well-being to optimize an organization’s success.  EAP services include assessments, counseling, and referrals for additional services to employees with personal and/or work-related concerns, such as stress, financial issues, legal issues, family problems, office conflicts, and alcohol and substance use disorders. EAPs also support management in the event of a critical incident or trauma.

EAPs benefit your employees, their families, and communities by:

Improving productivity and employee engagement

Improving employees’ and dependents’ abilities to successfully respond to challenges

Reducing healthcare costs associated with stress, depression, and other mental health issues

Reducing employee turnover and related replacement costs

Developing employee and manager competencies

Supporting employees and managers during workforce restructuring, reduction-in-forces, or other workforce change events

Reducing workplace absenteeism and unplanned absences

Managing the effect of disruptive incidents, such as workplace, injury, or other crises

Supporting management response to critical incidents 

Reducing the likelihood of workplace accidents, violence or other safety issues