Testimonials - Thrive
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I’ve been meaning to email you.  Raksha was a great find and is an awesome counselor. I’ve even continued to use her services after the three visits provided through Thrive.  I just wanted to say, “thank you.”


I came out better on the other side for all of the personal support I received from Thrive. I was never just a client, I was a person they truly cared about and wanted to nurture to become my best.


Thank you so much. You are by far the easiest EAP program to work with.


We were very excited to find you!

-Dayna, Oregon
Insurance Broker

OCSEA provides an EAP to their employees as a tool to address issues they may have, related to family and work. We also take advantage of the webinars and web based resources, provided by Thrive.

-Sharon, Human Resources Manager

Please accept this as my personal and professional endorsement of Gerlach, Lear & Associates (Now Balance EAP/Thrive) as an outstanding employee assistance provider.

Since my earliest involvement with John Lear and Diane Tedeschi in 2000, I have found the company to be world class in many ways. Their representation as Liebert’s Employee Assistance Program provider to our employees has been professional, timely and customer service oriented in every respect.

GLA’s service to Liebert – Ironton is exemplary of the model I would recommend to any company. If I can be of further assistance, feel free to call me.


By the way I had my first session with a counselor…the response time was amazing in your finding a counselor, her responding to my calling her, and scheduling our first session. I am impressed!

-Karen S.

My Teladoc experience was absolutely seamless, quick, and effortless.

-Joe C.

It’s really easy, and you can call even while you’re on the golf course or on vacation.

-Pearce M.

I can talk to a doctor anytime, 24/7 from anywhere, whether I’m at home or in the office.

-Laura W.

The first time I used Teladoc was terrific. It was simple, quick, and efficient.

-Eugene R.

I called Teladoc because I was feeling discomfort in my lungs when I took a deep breath. I thought maybe I pulled a muscle. When the doctor first called me he let me share what was going on and he listened carefully. He then started asking questions and told me there’s a chance I had pulled a muscle but what he was concerned about was that some of the symptoms I was having were consistent with a blood clot. The physician said I really needed to get this checked. In fact, the doctor recommend I get it checked immediately. So I went to the emergency room. I wasn’t in a great amount of pain. I was just experiencing some discomfort, just a little shortness of breath. And this is where the physician at Teladoc really made a difference. He told me that when I went to be examined make sure I mentioned the possibility of a pulmonary embolism because those can be misdiagnosed very easily. I mentioned that to the ER doctor they did a CT scan. The ER doctor said he was surprised but I had multiple PEs in my left lung and I was really lucky that I came in that day and that this was caught. Thank you Teladoc. I feel like you actually saved my life. I will never go without this service.