Stress relief for employers- THRIVE eap benefits for your employees
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stress relief

EAPs are good for employers too!


Employee assistance programs are not just for employees, but for employers as well! The stress relief that an EAP (employee assistance program) will provide to an employer is very beneficial to the entire team. Success starts from the head and works its way down. So if the employer is not healthy, odds are the team cannot grow. Here are some of the other benefits employee assistance programs, like ours at Thrive, can provide you as an employer.

Supports employer with stress relief

It can be stressful to run your own business or organization! This is why an EAP is a great way to give you the stress relief and support you need in your role as an employer. Sometimes as an employer, you may have difficult employee issues arise. This could be things such as conflict between employees, substance abuse, or even depression. An EAP offers support for you, the employer, with fast access to confidential help.

Good relationships with employees

Oftentimes, as an employer, you can get into some messy situations with employees. You ultimately need solutions and resolutions to employee problems. An EAP program can help you direct employees to counseling, health resolutions, or even great legal help. This will show your employees that you care about them while also keeping professional relationships with them. Keeping a healthy and friendly connection with your employees is vital.

Gives employers time to manage their personal lives

While taking care of employees takes time, your personal life should not be put on the shelf. We all go through rough patches in life, especially with growing families. There might be a day you want to take off to spend with your sick kid or take time off to deal with the loss of a loved one. Maybe you need counseling as well. An EAP gives every employer the same benefits that are given to the employees. It’s so important to take care of your emotional and physical health as someone who is running a company. This will give you the stress relief you are needing!

Talk to us at THRIVE EAP today!

We provide you and your employees with all of the resources you need to make work/life balance easy! Get the stress relief all work environments need. There are so many benefits, including counseling, financial resolution, legal help, anxiety help, and much more. Check out our why thrive tab to see why choosing Thrive EAP will increase your company’s productivity. Our team is committed to improving small business health, so your business can grow as your team grows.

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