Small business tips: How to grow your team with an Employee Assistance Program!
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small business tips

Why your small business needs an EAP

Do you own a small business? Are you looking for ways to improve the productivity of your team and see your business grow? One of the best things you can do for the health of your small business and employees is to get an EAP! An employee assistance program (EAP) is the first step to maintaining the personal health of your employees. It will also greatly improve the environment of your workplace. Here are all our small business tips about how an EAP will help your employees thrive and make your business grow!

1.One of the best small business tips (Get an EAP)!

One of the best small business tips we at Thrive want to give you as an employer is to get an EAP! An employee assistance program (EAP) is a voluntary, confidential program. It helps employees (including management) work through various life challenges that may adversely affect job performance, health, and personal well-being to optimize an organization’s success.

EAP services include assessment, counseling, consultation, and referral to employees with personal and/or work related concerns. This could be due to stress, financial issues, family problems, office conflicts, alcohol abuse, and so much more. Overall, an employee assistance program is designed for your employees to be healthy! Not just healthy in their body, but in every area of life, so they can do their job well!

2. How does Thrive EAP benefit my employees?

One of the reasons why getting an EAP is one of the best small business tips is because of all the employee benefits! Your team has access to thousands of resources on a daily basis.

Not only does our employee assistance program benefit your team but also it will greatly affect the way you work with your team. No longer do you have to deal with the personal issues of your team! With an EAP, now you can keep things professional by directing your employees to our counselors and resources. Our features include 24/7 access to behavioral specialist, an in person or telephonic assessment, and thousands of resources and articles on our web portal!

Our employee assistance program is sure to improve the productivity of your employees, reduce healthcare costs, reduce employee turnover, and support your employees and management team!

3. How much is an employee assistance program?

Many employee assistance programs out there are way overpriced. With our small business EAP at Thrive, you can start as low as $20 a month! Depending on the size of your team, it may vary. Every Thrive membership is for 12 months and can be upgraded to the next level as your team grows. Whether you have 2 members or up to 40, sign up with us today!

We at Thrive EAP want to give your team the best personal wellness resources possible. Learn more about how us right here!

Click here to see all our pricing options and get registered today!