Self help tips: How to do life and work life well with these simple steps!
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self help

How to do life and work well!

Now, we all know life can be a balancing act! So how do you do life well while also creating a successful work life? Managing yourself and a large family is challenging at times, so we at Thrive wanted to come up with easy steps to make work/life balance a little less chaotic. With these self help tips, you will be able to live to the fullest at and outside of work!

Here are some self help work/life balance tips:


1.Learn how to manage your time

Time is everything! The little tasks you do daily will create the life you have. So the best thing to do is plan out how you will spend your time every week, month, and year. Choose what planning method works best for your brain! So get out your planner and start writing down your daily tasks, goals, and family activities. As you write them down, getting them from your head onto paper, it will take a load off of you! Take time to really get a vision for how you will spend your time at work and at home, so you can commit to both areas of your life well. This is a simple self help step that will eliminate stress and the way you view your week.

2. Manage your work life

Once you get a plan in place, take time to review how you’re doing at work. Do you think you could do things better by spending a little more time on an area? Are there ways to re-create systems at work where you could get things done in a quicker amount of time? Should you ask for mentorship and more training so you can do your job better? These are all questions to ask yourself at work! Your work environment can take a toll on how you live life and also on the people who you influence you there. Manage your work life well by taking initiative in the areas of emotional health, physical health, and at home. All of these areas will affect the way you work, so it’s important to do them well.

3. Take time for yourself

Make sure not to stay too busy with life that you forget to take some time for yourself! Spending time alone is proven to improve your mental health as well as physical health. When you get alone, you are able to reflect on your life and take a breather. Do things you love like journaling, hiking, exercising, or playing an instrument. All of these activities will help you process through life and all of its challenges and shift your perspective on life. This is one of the best self help tips to incorporate into your weekly routine.

4. Keep your social life alive

While spending time alone is very beneficial, also keep your social life alive! Even if its once a week, get together with your friends and family to stay connected. Connection gives your life meaning and passion in everything you do. Being around people who inspire you and motivate you can transform the way you live life! Having a faithful friend and also being a faithful friend will go a long way!

Why you need an EAP!

With Thrive EAP, our employee assistance program is specifically designed to see your employees thrive at work and home! Our program at Thrive is here for any small business owners who want to see their teams healthy. With our work/life balance resources, your employees will have access to tons of resources to do life well. We help your employees balance their professional lives and personal lives, so they are happy, healthy, and more productive!

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