Providers EAP: Thrive EAP solutions to balance your holiday schedule!
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How to stay healthy and happy this holiday season!

The holidays are here, and it’s the busiest time of the year! The more packed your schedule is, the easier it is to neglect your health and get distracted! So get the most out of this holiday season with less stress, and rest with the family! Here are some ways, from our Thrive EAP providers, to help you stay healthy and happy during the holidays.

How to stay healthy and happy from Thrive EAP providers!

  1. Manage stress

Stress can easily creep up on you during this busy time of the year. Don’t let it ruin your holiday season, but rather, conquer it with preparation. Oftentimes, stress comes when we do not properly manage our time at work or home. Do yourself a favor and don’t procrastinate, but make sure to properly prioritize your time before it’s too late. Get out your calendar and schedule out your work dates; family get-togethers; when to go shopping for gifts and food; and more! This will declutter your mind and let you enjoy this wonderful time of the year. We at Thrive EAP providers are here for you for all of your work/life balance needs.

  1. Buckle your seat belt!

Driving on busy streets around the holiday time can be so stressful. Make sure to leave a lot of extra commuting time to get to work or any holiday parties. Also, don’t forget to buckle your seat belt as this is the busiest time of year, and there are more accidents with more vehicles on the road! This is especially true when it’s icy on the roads with lower, cooler temperatures.

  1. Don’t overspend!

Less is more! Thoughtful, small gifts are usually better than fancy, large ones! Don’t stress about getting the most glamorous and expensive Christmas gifts! This will save you a lot of stress and anxiety when it comes to your finances. A practical way to spend this Christmas is to come up with an overall budget and stick to it! Find deals, coupons, and go out early so you don’t rush into buying something. Take your time and spend your money wisely. If you’re enrolled in an employee assistance program, check with your EAP providers to see what financial tools they have for you as well!

  1. Keep your immune system built up!

Eat plenty of foods that have the vitamins and protein you need during these cold, winter months! Another thing people often stop doing is exercising! Schedule even 20 minutes of good exercise a day to keep your immune system healthy. Stay hydrated and laugh a lot this holiday season!

  1. Give your employees EAP providers for Christmas!

Give your amazing employees a holiday gift with the benefits of an employee assistance program! This will allow you to redirect them to get healthy solutions for any problems they may be facing. This will not only help them enjoy their holidays, but also will help you as well!

Learn more about Thrive EAP here! We would love to talk to you today about setting up an assistance program for your team to keep them healthy throughout every season!