Personal growth: How to see your employees thrive at work and at home!
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personal growth

See personal growth in your employee team!

Your employees all have personal lives outside of work. As an employee, there are many things outside of work that could be affecting your team inside work. See personal growth in your team with these really simple steps. The more you grow as an employer, the more you will also see your employees grow this year! Make this year the best personal growth journey for your entire team!

Create a healthy environment for personal growth!

More importantly than just seeing personal growth in your team, they need a healthy environment at work! This is how they can thrive. Create a team where people can interact freely and openly. Have weekly meetings where team members can collaborate ideas and create! If arguments arise in your team, encourage them to work it out quickly and professionally. If you’re happy at work, as an employer, your team will be a lot happier as well. Keeping the vision of your team before you at all times creates a sense of passion. You will see personal growth in yourself and your team by doing this!

Give lots of encouragement!

One of the top ways to see personal growth in your employees is for them to know that you care. Encouragement will go a long way toward creating trust between you and your team. Some easy ways to start encouraging your employees is by helping your employees see their progress and by reaching out. Reach out with an encouraging email or note that tells them how much you see their progress and how much you appreciate them. Make time in your day to ask your employees what they think and if they have suggestions for growth of the company. Making sure your employees know their opinions matter will encourage them that they bring purpose to the team.

Get EAP personal growth resources! 

An employee assistance program offers various personal growth resources for your employees. We at Thrive EAP have created this program to handle personal issues of employees so you, as an employer, can focus at work. This way, a professional atmosphere is created at work, while there is a place to direct your employees to for help outside of work. We have resources for things like legal issues, well-being issues, financial help, work/life balance, and more! Our professional team of counselors and personal assistants will guide your employees with the best advice and tools that they need. Giving your employees an employee assistance program like Thrive will encourage personal growth in all areas of life!

Personal growth with Thrive!

Our Thrive employee assistance program for small businesses has a unique personal growth training center with tons of resources for your employees! With your purchase of Thrive EAP, your team will get access to 60+ soft skill resources in areas of communication, personal growth, professional development, leadership, interpersonal skills, and more.

Visit our “Product” tab above to see all of our features of Thrive EAP!