Personal counseling: What to do when your employees' face personal problems!
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personal counseling

Do you have an employee facing a personal problem? Here’s what to do!

Every employee at work has issues going on outside of work. Life happens and facing problems is something we have to learn how to get through! According to research, 47 percent of employees say that problems in their personal lives do affect the way they work. So as an employer, it’s vital that you know how to handle this! This is probably one of the hardest jobs as a boss. An employee assistance program is a great solution, with resources and personal counseling available to your team! Here are all the ways we suggest to start helping your employees through personal issues right away!

1. Is the problem work related?

Before assuming that the employee is facing a personal problem due to a home situation, ask them if it’s work related! Sometimes too heavy of a workload can put major pressure and stress on somebody. This can lead to health issues, family issues, and more. If it’s not a matter of work volume, get them help, like personal counseling where they can talk out their issues.

2. Don’t get into your employees’ personal problems! Try personal counseling!

This is an easy temptation as an employer who wants to resolve things quickly! It’s important to keep your relationships with your employees strictly professional in this area. Once you find out your employee is digressing at work because of specific personal problems, encourage them to seek help. Offering them resources is the best way to take care of your employees!

3. What type of resources to give them?

So what kind of resources do you offer employees going through major personal problems? Your employees could be facing problems like alcoholism, depression, and other major issues. Create a list of resources to get them back to health in your workplace! An employee assistance program is one of the best options out there, including things like personal counseling, behavior specialists, and online resources for your team. Even if you’re a small business, invest in getting an EAP! It’s even more important for small companies due to one person being out of work affecting the flow of the team even more.

4. Be compassionate

Remember as an employer to stay compassionate through this entire process. It can be easy to stay work minded and to focus on how everything is going to keep flowing well. Stay focused on getting your employee well again and be compassionate in every step. Also give each employee who goes through a personal issue the same amount of compassion. Every person matters, whether it is your manager or a new employee!

5. Get Thrive EAP/personal counseling!

If you are a small business in need of an employee assistance program, talk to us today! Thrive is set up with features in the areas of financial help, resolving personal issues, legal counsel, work/life balance, and more! Our team gives your employees access to personal counseling, personal assistants, and a web portal with thousands of resources and articles!

Learn more here!