Office rage: How do you handle office rage as an employer?
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office rage

How to handle office rage at work as an employer

Some work environments can get pretty heated at times. The best thing you can do is to be prepared for these moments before they happen! As an employer, it is crucial that you have a solution and way of communicating for office rage. We at Thrive EAP wanted to give you a couple of ways to carefully handle situations where employee anger is high. Anger can be a result of the many stresses that life brings. Thankfully, our employee assistance program includes solutions to help resolve your employees’ issues, so they don’t show up at work.

-Stay calm when office rage occurs

The best thing to do in a moment where there is office rage is to stay calm. Don’t ignore the issue at hand, but try and make sure you comfort the person and those around them by remaining calm. If you need to tell the employee to back away from someone, do so. If this is a nonphysical situation, find a quiet and public place to help them cool down and to talk with them.

-Make sure to listen carefully!

Anger can show up due to stress, fear, and many other things. But it is something you need to confront right away to make sure your employees know that it is not acceptable in the workplace. Make sure to never overlook something like office rage. It will not be enjoyable for any of your employees and can affect the atmosphere of your workplace if it is an ongoing occurrence.

Listen to your employee when they have calmed down and agreed to talk somewhere private. After letting them express themselves, direct them to get professional help. At this point, to do something like this in public, they are already at a low emotional state. As an employer, it’s important to direct them to get counseling right away. Make sure they know you care and that they are not alone. This is not unusual, but it can be corrected in a healthy way.

-Direct your employees to us!

We at Thrive have created an employee assistance program to handle these exact situations. Office rage can oftentimes be due to various emotional and personal issues at home. Our team of counselors is here for you and your team. We help to resolve these things so you, as an employer, can focus at work.

There are many other benefits like financial help, legal help, work-life balance, and personal well-being tools! We also give your team of employees 24/7 access to a behavioral specialist, an in person or telephone assessment, and access to our web portal with thousands of resources!

Learn how to contact us today to set up an EAP for your team by clicking the “Company” tab above! We are excited to be able to help your team thrive!