Legal help: How to help your employees with their legal needs!
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legal help

Legal help for your employees in the office!

As an employer, do you need legal help for your employees!? Did one of your employees get divorced and has no idea where to start with custody issues? We have you covered! At Thrive, we provide help in many personal areas, including legal issue resolution. Thrive EAP gives your team access to our network of attorneys to consult with so they can focus at work. Here is an overview of what legal help can look like with our team at Thrive!

EAP legal help benefits!

So what does our Thrive EAP legal help cover? Well, there could be numerous situations your employees are going through! We help to provide resources, like legal consultations with our professional attorneys, for any of your employees’ needs. Using our case management system, the caller initiates contact with a legal consultant, who conducts the intake and confirms the appropriateness and availability of the lawyer. They then follow up to ensure client satisfaction and resolution!

Top reasons why employees use legal help!

Your employees could be facing minor or major legal issues. Our Thrive legal team is ready for all types of legal situations. This may include: Divorce/Custody issues, Landlord/Tenant issues, Criminal issues, Bankruptcy, Small Claims, or Personal injury/Malpractice. We also provide help with Adoptions, Estate planning/Wills/Trusts, and Real Estate.

Thrive EAP website!

We at Thrive EAP also have a website designed for all your employees’ personal needs, including legal help. Embedded in our website is unlimited access to many of our legal resources! You will find access to a library of articles on various topics, state-specific legal forms that can be filled out, and dozens of financial calculators.

See all of our Thrive EAP features here:


If you’re a small business owner in need of employee legal help, we are here just for you! Our employee assistance program is designed just for small business owners. No longer are EAPs just for large corporations! As long as you have at least 2 and only up to 40 employees, you can get access to all of these legal help resources for your team!

Talk to our team today about all of our services here:

We offer not only legal services but also personal issue resolution, financial help, work/life balance resources, and our well-being website. Some of our top benefits include a personal assistant for your employees and 24/7 access to a behavioral specialist! You will have access to thousands of resources and articles for you and your team to enjoy.

Our goal is to handle all of your employees’ personal needs so you, as an employer, can focus on work. This way, your team can continue to thrive and be effective at work. Increased productivity starts with improving the health of your employees with an EAP like Thrive’s!