Leadership training: How to invest into your employees at work!
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leadership training

How to invest in your employees!

Many employers can say that employee development is a major part of creating a lasting and impactful business. If you are not investing in your people, then you are not investing in the future of your business! Investing in your team is not just investing financially and providing personal development, but it’s genuinely taking time to care for them and offer things like leadership training! This step is just as vital to cultivating a creative and engaged workplace. So we at Thrive wanted to provide you with some simple steps to start truly investing in your team!

-Create a healthier work environment/leadership training

The most important thing you could do to invest in your employees is to create a safe place at work. This will improve the way they work and interact. So how do you create a healthy environment then? Communication is one of the top ways people feel loved and heard. Make sure, as an employer, your employees have access to you and their managers, so they can be heard! Also think of how you communicate and how often! Creating clear and encouraging communication styles with your employees will improve employee productivity in a huge way. Another way is to make sure your leadership team is always growing personally and is professional! Offer continual leadership training to your employees to bring new insight and skills into the mix.

-Invest in their personal development

The way you invest in your employees personally will affect the way they work professionally! Offer personal training and create short term and long term goals. This is a great task to assign to the managers over your employees. Hitting goals will keep your employees motivated and make them feel as if they are making an impact, which they are! Always make room for your employees to grow into leadership roles, and allow them to take leadership training, if desired.

-Connect your team!

While you can’t force team connection, you can encourage it! Team-building activities will help with this strategy. According to Gallup, close friendships at work boost employee satisfaction by 50%, and people with a best friend at work are seven times more likely to engage fully in their work! So create some ways for your employees to get together and get to know one another outside of work as well as at work. You will build connections with and invest relationally in employees as you do this!

-Get an EAP (Employee Assistance Program)!

One of the best ways to create a healthy workplace and invest in your employees is by providing an employee assistance program! Our EAP at Thrive is designed specifically for small businesses, to help provide employers assistance with employees’ personal issues. Many things, like depression, anxiety, and financial stress, all play roles in the environment at work. So to help your employees stay healthy emotionally, physically, and at work is important! Our program specifically offers counselors to talk with and provides online tools for your team!

Learn more about our employee assistance program by clicking the “Product” tab above! We are here for you, as an employer, to make sure your workplace is healthy and thriving! This is one of the greatest investments you can make for the health of your employees!