Job performance: How to improve your job performance at work!
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job performance

Seven tips for better job performance!

Want to improve the way you work but don’t know where to start? Most of us want to excel in what we do at work, but there are actually more factors that come into play than just skill! It’s learning how to balance many things and being open to new ways of working. Here are some tips from us at Thrive EAP for practical ways to improve your job performance!

1. Increase job performance by taking initiative!

Taking initiative means doing things to improve your work without being told. This is a key ongoing skill to have as an employee and leader. Many people are good at their jobs but don’t implement this simple task. Think of better ways of doing your job before your boss asks you to!

2. Take input!

Your job performance will improve as soon as you start taking more input from those around you! Ask for input from those around you that could give you tips in their specific expertise. You will not only see this as helpful advice, but you will learn new skills as well.

3. Be a team player!

No one can do all of the work alone! We need each other to improve the productivity and influence of our companies. If your boss has a team meeting, make sure to participate and listen to your fellow employees. Don’t be afraid of conflict, but rather, learn how to resolve it and communicate well.

4. Work professionally!

No matter what role you are in, it’s so important to be professional. Make sure you are on time, focused, and do what’s expected of you. Be professional in all situations, including keeping your cool with customer service situations. No matter how unprofessional someone else may be, learn how to keep yourself well-ordered.

5. Stay connected to your boss!

It’s so vital to stay connected to your employer! This will build a sense of trust and clear communication with one another. Knowing how he/she thinks, acts, and manages things will greatly benefit the way you work!

6. Create NEW projects!

If you see a need, meet it! Create, create, create! Don’t be afraid to reach out to others with a new project idea! Always thinking of new, innovative ways to do things is a great way to grow your business. This is the kind of work your boss will appreciate and will improve your job performance.

7. Mentor others

One of the best acts you can do as an employee is to train someone else! Teaching someone else will give you a satisfaction like no other! Giving is sometimes so much better than receiving, especially when you’re giving out advice for what you love to do.

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