Job interview: How to conduct a great interview for candidates!
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job interview

How to conduct a great job interview

Conducting a job interview can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to it. As an employer, it’s important to know what questions to ask your possible future employees! With the competitive employment market out there as well, it’s vital to come up with a well-rounded interview process. Be prepared with our list of helpful tips to help you interview well and feel fully confident to make a decision.

-Prep time for your job interview!

Come together with your HR team to collect all the information you will need for the interviewing process. Find out what your team is looking for in this new candidate for the specific role at hand. What are the must haves and red flags? A good tip to get started is to look at your top employees and look for what qualities you love about them and write those down! Ask up-to-date and relevant questions as well!

-Stay alert and aware

Ninety-three percent of communication is done through body language and only seven percent is done verbally. While it is wise to listen well to someone during a job interview, it’s also wise to make sure to pay attention to their body language. A confident person will carry themselves a lot differently than someone who is insecure or unsure.

-Bring down the stress level

A job interview can be stressful not only for you, but also for your future candidates! Make it a little less stressful by sending them information about the job interview! You could send them topics you would like to discuss, so they can feel somewhat prepared. Make them feel as comfortable with the process as you can!

-Involve your team in the job interview!

It is always nice to have an extra pair of ears in your job interview process! This will help catch things that you maybe did not notice during the interview. Choose people you really trust to do this with you, and give them a specific role during the interview process. Have one person listen, have one person write, and then you ask all the questions!

-Ask honest questions

In order to hear the heart of the person you’re interviewing, make sure to ask direct questions. This will avoid confusion and get straight to the matter at hand. Ask for their strengths, weaknesses, and personality traits. Also ask how well they work with people and ask problem solution questions. This will give you the feedback and all the information you need to make a wise decision.

Now, you, as an employer, should have a great idea of where to start in your job interview process! Take the pressure off and just be yourself when you interview! This will take practice, but with these tips, you will be a pro in no time!

Offer an employee assistance program!

Include all your work benefits in your job interview process! Including things like an employee assistance program, like Thrive’s, will give you an advantage over many different job opportunities! An employee assistance program gives your employees free access to counseling, financial help, work/life balance help, and so many more resources!

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