Associated Employee Benefits EAP

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if my employees use the program?

You won’t. You will only know if they tell you. All EAP services are confidential. However, an annual utilization report will summarize participation by your entire EAP group. We don’t offer individual company reports to avoid exposing identifying information that would violate confidentiality.


How can the cost be so low?

The EAP is a collection of many small and microbusinesses. Everyone pays into a virtual bucket which funds the services for the group.


Can I pay in smaller increments, like semiannually?

No. All members pay annually.


Are my part time employees included?

That’s your choice. When you register, indicate how many people you want to cover and decide how you will communicate your decision.


Are the counseling sessions by phone?

We offer both face-to-face and telephonic sessions. Most people prefer the face-to-face option.


How many counselors do you have?

We contract with hundreds of counselors, nationwide, representing a variety of specialties and attributes. For example, it’s not unusual for someone to be gender specific when making a counseling request.


Is it true the EAP has free harassment training?

Yes, as well as dozens of other training opportunities. Online training is accessible through the wellbeing website and produces a certificate of completion. Check with your lawyer to learn if it satisfies your state’s harassment training requirement.


My EAP membership is through my Chamber of Commerce. What happens if I don’t renew my Chamber membership?

Your EAP membership will continue until the renewal date. At that time, you can enroll in THRIVE and your team can continue to enjoy the same benefits.