Financial assistance for all of your employees at work!
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financial assistance

Get financial assistance for your employees!

Money problems are common; the difficult part is finding a good solution! We at Thrive EAP offer resources for your employees to achieve financial success. Our Thrive employee assistance program has so many employee benefits, including financial assistance for any of your employees’ financial needs. We create the financial assistance your employees will love and appreciate.

Why do my employees need financial assistance?

In order for your employees to have great financial health, they need resources! Not everyone is great with numbers, credit cards, or budgeting. These days, it can be quite overwhelming at times. Especially with growing families, your employees may need counsel and quick solutions on how to handle their money. That’s why Thrive EAP’s financial tools are great for any small business. We assist with your employees’ finances, so you as the employer don’t have to. You can just redirect them to us!

What’s included in Thrive EAP’s financial assistance?

So maybe you’re asking, “Okay, what’s included?” Our team has included tools for issues such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, and more! Most of all, we have provided tools to budget well, create college funding and planning, lower credit card debt, retirement planning, and buying a home for the first time! Your employees can find out how to personally budget and family budget. We also have for your employees a financial calculator to help them get the job done well. Tools like this help them plan and budget to avoid overspending and getting into debt. Our financial assistance resources are endless!

How to inform employees about financial assistance once signed up!

Now, if you’re thinking of signing up, here is how to inform your employees about all of these great financial resources! First, make sure you know how to locate everything online once you get signed up. Once you do this, explain how each employee has access to Thrive’s website, where they sign in and have access to the library of financial advice and tools. If you have any questions or concerns about our tools, contact our support line here:


So now that you have an idea of what we at Thrive are about, talk to us today! If this is something you see as being beneficial for you and your employees, we would love to chat with you! We don’t just offer financial assistance. We offer so much more, including help with personal issues, legal help, work/life balance, a well-being website, counselors, a personal assistant, and so much more!

Pricing for THRIVE!

We offer financial tools for your small business starting at just $20 a month for your entire team! Our pricing is affordable and grows as your team grows! Every membership at Thrive is for 12 full months and is available for upgrade as your team gets bigger. The maximum amount of employees you can have as a small business with our EAP is 40 and it can be as small as 2 employees.

If you have more questions about our prices, see our pricing options here: