Employment drug testing: What to do when your employees dont pass?!
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employment drug testing

Did one of your employees not pass their drug test?

Implementing employment drug testing creates a safe work environment, without the abuse of drugs in the workplace. Having an employee fail their drug test, as an employer, is something you never imagine happening. Unfortunately, this still happens in the workplace today. It’s important that you and your management team are ready to face the results and are prepared to do what’s next. Here are some ways to deal with an employee after they fail their drug test.

Employment drug testing state laws

First, get together with your HR team, as an employer, and talk about the legal concerns. Oftentimes, there are differences in state laws between the steps employers  must take when someone fails their drug test. Dealing with an employee who has been around for a bit can be a little trickier than dealing with someone you were simply going to hire. Once you know the policies and such, you can sit back and think about what you want to do with your employee. Make sure you put a plan in place to deal with every employee equally in these situations.

Keep things confidential

Make sure when dealing with employment drug testing results you keep things strictly confidential. This will keep your employee’s reputation safe and protected from fellow co-workers. As with any business, large or small, you need to have a defined protocol with your drug testing procedure and confidentiality. You mostly want to keep this to yourself, along with a couple of others you trust within your management team.

Prevent drug abuse at work

Although you may not be able to control what your employees do, you can help prevent drug abuse at work. We at Thrive EAP have the resources that keep your team healthy and thriving at home and work! We deal with personal issues, including addiction of any kind. So if you are needing help for one of your employees, our Thrive EAP counselors and tools are here for you. Your employees’ personal problems can be overwhelming; this is why we created Thrive EAP! Now you as an employer can focus and let us deal with all the problems your employees may be facing that could be affecting them at work!

Professional help with Thrive EAP!

For as low as $20 a month, your entire team gets access to our employee assistance program! Our program is specifically designed for small businesses with up to 40 employees. We have tools for areas such as work/life balance, legal issues, personal issues, financial help, and well-being. Our program can improve your employees’ health, emotionally, physically, and financially! This a great way to prevent unexpected employment drug testing results from occurring.

Now that you have a good solution to this kind of unfortunate situation at work, learn more here!

If you have any specific questions related to your employees, you can contact us right here!

We know how hard it can be to maintain a team of employees! We would love to help you see your team thrive and grow like never before!