Employee productivity: Top 10 things employees want from employers!
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employee productivity

10 things employees want most from employers


The relationship between an employee and employer can say a lot about businesses. A healthy team is built upon this employer/employee relationship that involves building trust and loyalty. As an employer, it’s important to really get to know your employees and what motivates them. This will not only build trust between you but also will improve employee productivity for any business!

Give employees purpose  

One of the best things you can give your employees is purpose! Many people think a paycheck will get them up in the morning, but that’s not usually the case. More than anything, knowing that you are part of something great is true purpose. When you allow your employees to give an idea and they see it implemented, this will give them satisfaction. Opportunities to innovate and create will give your employees a sense of purpose.

Impactful feedback that will increase employee productivity

While giving feedback can make your employees feel vulnerable, it’s needed. Honest feedback is beneficial and helpful for employee productivity. Whether you know it or not, employees long for feedback that will not only challenge them. This will also give them the help they need to improve at work. Once you provide feedback, keep open communication with them to build trust. Also think about giving them resources and tools to see them thrive in the workplace.

Employees want flexibility

One of the best things you can give an employee is flexibility. A flexible schedule may not work for every workplace, but if you have the option, implement it. Employees are willing to get paid less and have more flexibility in their schedules so they don’t have to be at work for hours upon hours. Making time for your employees’ personal lives is vital to maintaining employee productivity.

Transparency is key

Transparency is a vital thing to have between you and your employees. Knowing what they’re doing and why they’re doing it will make them feel productive. Let your employees know how much you respect and value them by creating clear communication and vision. Creating trust in your management team is another important detail, and make sure they know their roles as well. Come up with short term and long term goals and always be working toward keeping your team engaged.

Get an EAP!

While you can be there for your employees for work related issues, you should not be their personal life counselor. It’s important to keep things at a professional level! Direct your employees to an employee assistance program, like Thrive EAP, to see them thrive in their personal lives as well. Sooner or later, a personal issue will spill over into their professional lives. This is why it’s so vital to have a solution to this. Take care of your employees with an EAP program! It includes counseling sessions, personal assistants, financial help, legal help, well-being resources, work/life balance, and more!

We help your employees with their personal issues so you, as an employer, don’t have to! Learn more about Thrive EAP and increasing employee productivity here! https://thrivewithbalance.com/features/