Employee engagement: Keep your employees engaged with an EAP!
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employee engagement

Keep your employees engaged at work with an EAP!

Do your employees always seem distracted at work? Keeping them engaged can be quite the challenge. That’s why we at Thrive have come up with some unique ways to engage your team at work! Creating employee engagement will change the way your business runs and the impact it makes on the world. These five tips include ways of how involving an employee assistance program can help.

1.Improve employee engagement results with an employee assistance program!

Many of the reasons why your employees may be distracted at work are because of outside work issues and stress. An EAP, like Thrive’s, will help to direct them to deal with their personal issues by talking to someone outside of the workplace environment, rather than dealing with them inside of the workplace. This way, they can come to work feeling focused and ready, and be fully engaged with the people around them.

2. EAP employee engagement benefits!

As an employer, it’s important to keep the health of your employees strong. In order to do this, you may need outside help. This is why an EAP, like ours at Thrive, deals with things like stress, depression, financial issues, childcare, work/life balance, and more. We have on-site or over the phone counseling sessions available if your employees simply need someone to talk to. Offering this type of emotional health perks to your team will change the way they work!

3. Create a fun and thriving workplace environment!

Having fun should be one of your top goals while working with a team for your business! An EAP will help to create a fun and thriving workplace for your employees. Work is not supposed to feel stressful or anxious! Get an EAP to help start making your team healthy again. It’s great way to direct your employees to get help with the ups and downs of life.

4. Motivate your team to be physical healthy!

An EAP may also offer things like health tips and well-being tools. We at Thrive offer access to content covering wellbeing and personal growth. You also get live access to monthly webinars and archived webinars to stay motivated and always learning! Another health tip for an employer is to take a daily walk with your team to get them moving and outdoors! This will help with employee engagement as employees can take a break and refocus.

5. Talk to us at THRIVE today!

Improve employee engagement of your team with Thrive EAP! Employee assistance programs are no longer just for large corporations. Our EAP is specifically geared toward small businesses. We help your employees with their personal issues, so you don’t have to. Our goal is to do the best we can to help improve the health of your employees! Contact us today with any questions or concerns you may have!

Click the “Why Thrive” tab to see how Thrive can fit with your specific business! We would love to help improve the productivity of your team and see them Thrive!