Employee confidentiality: Managing your employees with an EAP!
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employee confidentiality

01 Mar Managing employee confidentiality with an EAP

So how do you deal with employee confidentiality after you implement an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) for your team? Keeping your employees’ privacy protected is not something to take lightly. In order for your employees to be able to trust you and start using the EAP, you want to make sure the confidentiality of the program is clear to them. Here are some questions you may have about this topic and how to go about confidentiality with an EAP!

What’s an EAP?

An employee assistance program in general is a voluntary, confidential program that helps your employees with life’s various challenges that could affect their job performance. This includes their health, financial status, personal well-being, and many other areas. Some EAPs may include personal counselors and coaches to help employees get through these challenges one-on-one and without the help of you as the employer. It’s important to keep that relationship between employees and employers strictly professional.

Learn more specifically what Thrive EAP is right here: https://thrivewithbalance.com/what-is-an-eap/.

Why do my employees need an EAP?

Your employees may be facing an issue that you can help with as an employer! That’s why implementing a team of professionals with an EAP is so vital to the health and wellness of your employees. Your employees could be going through things like:

-Marital Issues

-Drug Abuse/Alcoholism

-Financial Issues

-Legal Issues

-Emotional Problems and More!

So don’t leave them hanging! Provide a way out with a team of counselors and the great assistance that an EAP provides! Our Thrive EAP program offers resources such as 24/7 behavioral specialists, thousands of online resources, counselors, and the employee confidentiality that you need.

Learn about our Thrive EAP features here: https://thrivewithbalance.com/features/.

Who manages employee confidentiality?

Most employee assistance programs take employee confidentiality really seriously, but here’s how we do it at Thrive EAP. With Thrive, none of your employees’ personal information will be shared with anyone in the office! When your employees and a counselor of ours meet, you can trust that no information of the session will be revealed. We honor both you and your employees with the information entrusted to us and protect it.

If you as an employer have any specific questions or want more info about employee confidentiality with an EAP, contact us here!

Thrive EAP for small businesses!

If you’re a small business looking to grow your team, Thrive EAP is for you! No longer are employee assistance programs only for large corporations! Our program is designed specifically for the needs of small companies with up to 40 team members. You can start for as little as $20 a month for your employees! Our goal at Thrive is to offer an affordable, effective EAP for small businesses to see them THRIVE! We wanted to give small business owners the same tools large corporations have to help manage a team.

Learn more about our story and how to get started here!

Also check out our pricing options for your team here!

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