Employee benefits: Five ways to effectively communicate and how our Thrive EAP service helps your team!
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employee benefits

Five ways to effectively communicate with your team!

Effective communication in the workplace creates highly efficient teams! If you want a productive team and a healthy work environment, good communication is key. It builds trust between employers and employees, especially for companies with diverse workplaces. Good communication takes time and effort, but it is essential to having a thriving business. Here are five ways to effectively communicate with your team as an employer and provide employee benefits!

Employee benefits that will help you communicate with your team:


1. Have open meetings!

Do you as an employer have a vision you have been wanting to share with everyone on your team? Have an open meeting to share it with them! This creates passion and vision not only for you, but also it gives your employees the motivation to be a part of something great. Keeping your companies’ mission in mind in everything you do at work is so important! These open meetings create employee benefits, including learning how to communicate with one another in a large group setting.

2. Give training!

Take training seriously! This is the first step in communicating to your employees what your company is about and what you expect of them. Trainings provide employee benefits and are great for building a hardworking team who knows what the mission is and what their specific role is about. Include a communication style designed specifically for your company and tailored for each employee’s role. Be specific in every area of communication!

3. Make room for and encourage feedback!

Another effective way to provide employee benefits and improve communication is to make room for feedback! Feedback creates a voice for your employees. It tells them that their opinions really do matter to you as the employer. If you receive good or bad feedback, it will encourage you to take action and improve either way. Listening to what your employees have to say is probably the best communication skill you can have!

4. One-on-one time!

Open meetings are great for everyone to be involved, but sometimes specific people are wanting to be heard or encouraged. Take time out of each month and choose an employee to take out to coffee or lunch to simply hear them out. Whether you want to ask for improvement ideas from them, or tell them that they are doing an amazing job, both are great ways to start one-on-one communication!

5. Stay appreciative!

After hearing from your employees, always thank them! Let them know how much you appreciate them and their hard work. This creates trust and is a simple and courteous thing to do for your team. Having a team that is great at what they do is such a benefit! Remember to communicate your thankfulness to them daily!

Giving ways to effectively communicate is one of the top employee benefits you can offer. Effective communication will create a more enjoyable workplace and rapidly improve productivity. So get started on building good communication with your team today! Our Thrive EAP services are available to help your team stay healthy emotionally, financially, and physically, so they can effectively communicate at work!

Learn more about how our EAP program can help your team here!