Employee assistance program- THRIVE eap benefits for your employees
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employee assistance program

What are the benefits of an EAP program for my employees?


An employee assistance program is one of the best things you can provide for your team of employees! It was created to improve the overall health of employees by providing personal care. This includes their finances, emotional health, and any other issues they need help resolving. The great thing about an eap program is the ability for any boss to be able to direct their employees in an appropriate manner without getting too involved. An employee assistance program gives your employees a team of counselors to help take care of any of their personal needs. Here is some great information about how EAP programs are designed to work!

Employee Assistance program benefits


A solution for employees during a crisis

One of the major benefits to an employee assistance program (EAP) is the outlet it gives for employees to resolve major issues during a crisis. Nobody likes facing a crisis alone, especially when having to continue to be a stable support system for your family! An employee assistance program gives your employees a great way to balance both their work and home life. It helps them get back up on their feet and do what they love well.

Anxiety or depression help

Now, we all have faced major issues at one point in our lives, and it’s vital that we help each other get back up! An employee assistance program is great if you are noticing unusual behavior in one of your employees. Maybe they seem unlike themselves or their work has become inconsistent. These may be signs of depression or many other emotional issues. It’s important that you, as an employer, take care of your team as soon as these signs appear. This is where an eap program can come alongside and counsel them back to good health.

Financial or legal Issues

There are times where your employees are distracted by the things of life. As an employee, it’s great to receive solutions to things such as finances and legal issues. These are often included in an eap program where your employees are given the tools and contacts they need to resolve these specific issues. These programs could cover anything from custody issues, bankruptcy, and adoption to real estate and landlord needs.

Our employee assistance program features at THRIVE!


There are many eap programs out there, but there are many great features we offer at THRIVE that set us apart! Employee assistance programs are no longer just for large corporations! Our team specifically cares for small businesses of around 2-40 employees. Our employee assistance program is strictly confidential to protect your employees while they receive the top professional care they need. We at Thrive have created a program where your employees can take care of themselves, their families, and do their jobs well. Our resource options for your team are endless! So use an employee assistance program, such as Thrive, to create a healthy work environment where your employees feel a sense of safety and peace.

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