Employee assistance program eap: Working with introverts and Extroverts!
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employee assistance program eap

Working with introverts and extroverts!

Understanding the different personalities of your employees is key to communicating well with them! While some of your employees may keep to themselves more, others may love to talk to one another throughout their day! Creating a workplace for both introverts and extroverts to thrive is vital. Here are some things to understand when working alongside these two different personality types and how to motivate each type. Our employee assistance program eap at Thrive gives tools to help you with each type of employee!

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How to work with an extrovert!

-Listen to them talk

Yes, you probably already know that extroverts are expert talkers! But that is a great quality, so try not to take away from it. Support your extrovert employees with excellent tasks that match their bubbly personalities!

-Find interactive roles for them!

Getting them to interact with people is a great start. Extroverts are motivated by time spent with people and connection. Give them that customer service position that may be a better fit for them than an introverted employee. This way, you will see them thrive and make your business thrive as well.

How to work with an introvert!

-Create order for them

Introverts are definitely motivated by organization and preparation! They will feel out of control if not, which can affect the way they work. So make sure and give them ALL the details in advance. Sticking with a consistent and orderly schedule will give them ease and allow them to be creative.

-One-on-one time

Having one-on-one meetings with your introverted employees is so important! They will not give you as much verbal feedback all at once because it takes them longer to process. Introverts take their time to process information and like to respond with a well written email rather than in person, right on the spot. Understanding this will allow you to give them a little time to digest everything.

Introverts and extroverts working together!

Now that you, as an employer, know a little bit about each personality type, you can understand now why each one thinks a different way! Understanding your employees is key to getting things done quickly and done well. There are ways of using each person’s strengths for your business and covering their weaknesses with another employee’s strengths.

Having an extrovert present a very detailed project is probably not the best thing to do. Extroverts tend not to be the best with details but, rather, an overall vision. So with the vision of an extrovert and the step-by-step plan of an introvert, your company is sure to thrive! Working together as one is what will make for the best game plan and execution!

How an employee assistance program eap will help your introvert and extrovert employees!

No matter what personality type your employees have, they will also have different ways they process stress. To make sure your employees stay healthy emotionally, physically, and socially, get an employee assistance program eap with us at Thrive! Our team has professional counselors available for your team for every stage of their lives!

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