Eap service you can trust: Thrive EAP depression help for your employees
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Signs your employees are struggling with depression

Sadly, depression is sometimes overlooked by employers because they simply do not know how to help. It’s a topic that is not really emphasized to discuss, especially in the corporate world. Depression ranks as one of the top three problems in the workplace. Now, with our Thrive eap service, you have somewhere to direct your employees for help. An employee assistance program, like ours, specializes in this area to help counsel employees back to health! So we at Thrive want to give you some advice and resources on how to help as an employer. Here are some of the top signs to look for in an employee struggling with depression.

Signs your employees need depression help and/or an eap service!


-loss of motivation and passion

Work is supposed to be a place of passion and excitement. So when there is a lack of that, there may be something wrong. Depression is usually characterized by a lack of motivation, having no enthusiasm. This is a sure sign that an employee may dealing with depression.

-Absenteeism or tardiness

Is one of your employees taking a lot of time off work and showing up late? If this is abnormal for them, they could be dealing with a problem like depression. But be careful to not overthink this one too much. It’s ultimately your employee’s job to get professional help if needed.

-Not relating to coworkers

Relationships in the work environment can tell a lot about a person and what emotional state they are in. If you notice relational withdrawal by a specific employee, they could be in some state of depression. They may need help resolving their personal issues as well.

-Productivity decreases

While productivity decreases could be caused by many other things, if you notice this happens rapidly, it could be because of depression. Unless you have given employees twice the amount of work suddenly, this is not a normal occurrence.

-How to help your employees deal with depression

Create an open environment with your employees, so they always know they can come to you. But one of the best ways you can help an employee with depression is by giving them professional help right away. This is sure to help them get the best personal care they need. We at Thrive have the perfect eap service to help resolve the issues involved with depression. We have a team of counselors and professionals who are here for your team whenever you need us!

-Get an eap service today!

An eap service can do much more than help employees with depression. There are many other aspects of life that could cause this lack of motivation. So our team of professionals knows exactly how to help your team of employees with their personal lives. Even though it’s the employee’s choice, we can help guide them to make good, healthy decisions.

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