Eap list: Thrive EAP shows how good sleep=better work life!
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eap list

Great sleep = Better work life!

Making sleep a priority will change the way you and your employees work! Sleep is one of the best things for your mental, physical, and overall well-being. Here are the ins and outs of why great sleep can equal better work life and productivity! Check out an eap list online and get an employee assistance program like Thrive EAP for great sleep solutions.

Find an eap list that offers sleep solutions for your team!


-Healthy brain function

Sleep can affect you in how you think, work, learn, and interact with others. It also helps your brain work properly and prepares it for the next day. If you are trying to learn something new, sleep is the best thing you can do. It actually helps your learning ability and problem-solving skills. So improve your brain health with more and better sleep.

-Emotional well-being

Oftentimes, your emotions can be everywhere because you are running on insufficient sleep. And that’s not good for anyone, especially at work. While an eap list and employee assistance program can improve emotional well-being for employees, sleep will do the job as well! Those with sleep deficiencies oftentimes have trouble interacting with others. This could be a problem for those working in a team! This is why it’s so vital to get help for employees and to try and get a good amount of sleep!

-Physical health

Sleep plays a huge role in your physical body! It maintains the health of your heart, blood vessels, hormones, immune system, growth, and development. It’s important to get a good night’s sleep to fight off sickness, especially during flu season!

-Easy ways to improve sleep!

  1. Stay consistent by going to bed and getting up at the same time every day!
  2. Limit your napping to around 15-20 minutes!
  3. Try not to sleep in!
  4. Exercise!
  5. Limit your caffeine intake!
  6. Get an employee assistance program!


We hope this article has helped you get an idea of how important sleep is for your and your employees’ health! Encourage your team of employees to get a good night of sleep, and limit overtime if you can! Provide an eap list and an employee assistance program for your team to get tools to help balance their overall health. Great sleep will greatly improve their productivity and the way they do their jobs!

Find out more about our employee assistance program and what services we offer here!

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