Crisis management: How to help an employee during crisis!
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crisis management

How to help an employee after a crisis

Did something major happen in your employee’s life, like a death or a divorce? Right after something tragic happens in their life is a tender time for them. You may feel hesitant, as an employer, about how to approach them and what to do. We at Thrive wanted to give you some key pointers when managing your employees’ work lives well after a crisis. Here is how to get started and how to organize crisis management in a considerate way.

Where to start with crisis management for your employees!


1.Give them time to adjust

Most likely, you will see a change in your employee’s work performance. This is normal due to the emotional health that they are in. It’s so key to have compassion and to give them plenty of time to adjust back slowly. At the end of the day, you want a healthy employee and to see them get through this hard time in their life. We have all gone through something tragic, so make sure to remember how vulnerable they may be feeling.

2. Create a crisis management plan

If you don’t already have one, create a way you will handle every crisis that may come up in your workplace. This will allow you to quickly and professionally handle anything and everything that may come up in your team. It will also help your business keep running smoothly and effectively in all areas!

Here is a great resource that will help you get started with your crisis management plan:

3. Give your employee time off

Giving your employee time off during this critical time in their life may be needed in a given situation. Making sure they have time to take a breather and reconnect with family and friends during this time is vital. They will be a lot more productive with this quick break and will then be able to refocus. This little act of kindness will mean the world to them during this difficult time in their life.

4. Remain as the boss and not a friend

During a time of crisis, you could be tempted, as an employer, to sit down and talk through things. Unfortunately, this is not the appropriate thing to do as their employer. Saying something short and considerate to show your care for them is okay, but you want to make sure to keep things strictly professional. You can simply direct them through a crisis management plan and provide access to a counselor for all their emotional and other needs.

5. Get an EAP!

At Thrive, we offer solutions to things like crisis in our employee assistance program (EAP). We handle all your employees’ personal situations, so you can focus on being their boss. Our team of counselors is ready to take on their emotional process. To find out more about what an EAP is, visit our “Learn” tab! Also, click on our “Product” tab to find out about all of the services we have available!