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Meet Thrive

Our Story

Gerlach, Lear and Associates (now Balance EAP) was founded in 1979 and has provided services to large private employer groups, representing: manufacturing, health care, insurance, government, education, utilities, construction, labor unions, transportation, and benefit managers.


Knowing the success larger companies have when offering an Employee Assistance Program to their employees, we wanted to offer the same services to smaller companies. So, we developed ThriveEAP for groups with as few as 2 employees.


The small business community taught us they are often pained to provide benefits to their valued employees, especially medical insurance. Our solution is ThriveMD: individual pricing, no co-pay, no deductible.


We get it. We are a small business, too. Let us help your team Thrive!

Our Mission

To support the values and goals of our clients.

We offer responsive service, problem solving, innovation, candor and care.

Our goal is to do the right thing.


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I’m Ready to Help My Team Thrive!

Take the pressure off yourself by offering an EAP to your team so you can focus on running your business. We offer plans for businesses from 2-50 employees and our pricing starts at just $20/mo.

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